Decus is powered by an expressive and intuitive approach to interior design and architecture. Working across residential projects of all scales, our rebellious yet worldly spirit consistently drives individualised design outcomes – a pursuit in capturing personality and elevating experience.

We connect with our clients on a fundamental level, allowing us to design tailored homes layered with character and enlivened by spatial tensions. Our focus on bespoke furniture, lighting and joinery is underscored by our value of artisanal craft; a source of humanist energy and identity in our spaces.

Offering expert knowledge, we instil ease and joy in the design process. We harness a collaborative and light-hearted approach to design, decoration, architecture, project management and procurement, taking our clients on the journey with us. A day in our studio is never dull, with our unbridled creative energy and enthusiasm for our craft shared with all.

Alexandra Donohoe Church
Founder and Managing Director, BA.IntArch
'Spark some bloody joy'

It was perhaps fortuitous that in her Freshman year at UNSW Alexandra fell asleep in a Horticulture class, triggering an intuited epiphany that her creative destiny in fact lay within the built environment. Fast forward through an Interior Architecture degree, early career with some of Australia’s leading architecture practices, to the foundation of her own award-winning studio; Alexandra’s intuition hit home.

Ever inspired by her surroundings, Alexandra naturally imbues inspiration from her youth in the US and subsequent world-wide sourcing trips into homes for clients across the globe. Alexandra’s international inflexion is grounded in an affinity with the Mid-Century Brazilian designers of European decent, who forged a new frontier challenging the modernist masters into a more human, organic and textural way of living. Understanding the visceral power of form, balance and tension, Alexandra’s nuanced approach to her projects exquisitely combines refined curation, whimsical detailing and provocative combinations of finish.

Alexandra’s interiors have been featured in the world’s most renowned design publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration, Design Anthology, and nationally in Vogue Living and Belle.

Charlene Cong
Studio Director, BA.IntArch (Hons)
Sarah Wilson
Senior Interior Designer, BA.IntArch
Madeline Manolas
Interior Designer, BA.IntArch
Courtney Fletcher
Technician, BA.IntArch
Jeremy Church
Procurement and Administration Manager, B.Bus(Marketing)
Lucy Sheedy
Practice Manager, B.IntDes
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